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Welcome To MRG Capital

MRG Capital Advisors is a licensed boutique investment banking firm servicing small to medium sized companies.

At the end of the day, it’s all about Value.  Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a turnaround specialist, or a company poised to grow, it’s all about finding, creating, offering, or acquiring value.  Value creation is an intentional and systematic process and ultimately comes down to positioning a company to put its best foot forward.

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About Us

Matthew Gould is a veteran multi-company, multi-industry entrepreneur and also a retired attorney.  After practicing law for many years, representing numerous companies, Gould pursued various entrepreneurial ventures of his own and was fortunate to build some impressive successes. 

With the successful sale of his last company in 2019, Gould decided to jump into the investment banking world. After many years of being asked for assistance by other companies with not only operational issues, but also for assistance in raising dollars for growth and expansion, recapitalizations, mergers and acquisitions and the like, and being a serial entrepreneur, Gould created MRG Capital Advisors where he combines his operational and entrepreneurial experience with the ability to offer investment banking services.

Gould is a registered Series 79 Investment Banking Principal.

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Understanding Motivations

Every buyer or investor wants (actually “needs”) to believe that a prospective acquisition/investment has a lot more opportunity than has already been achieved.  They must believe that with their leadership, with their resources, with reasonably priced changes, or with other steps, the right synergies will be created to take the acquisition/investment target to new heights.

Every Seller wants to ensure that he/she/it has positioned their company to achieve the best valuation and that money has not been left on the table.  Ensuring this is again an intentional process that requires the best presentation of one’s company which in turn results from a myriad of strategic and operational factors.

Deal Structure

One last quick thought, if anyone ever tells you that there is only one way a deal can be achieved, walk away because there’s rarely just one way.  That doesn’t mean every deal will happen.  But a willingness to consider things beyond the obvious opens a world of additional possibilities.

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Our Services

Sell Side

Whether your goal is to grow your company and stay on board but with some more spare change in your pocket,

Buy Side

Whether you have specific investment directives or simply want to acquire what you like, we will source the right acquisition targets


Some of the best opportunities come from acquiring and/or fixing distressed companies. When a doctor sees a patient in distress,

Start Up Consulting

Do you possess a great business idea and the entrepreneurial drive to succeed but lack experience and don’t know exactly where to start?

Ready to Invest in Your Future? 

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